With focus on the following services, we have developed a service menu tailored to the needs of clients.


Eco City

  • Eco City
  • New Agriculture & Agri-Tourism
  • Solar Plant
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Waste & Sewage

Real estate

Real estate

  • Compact City
  • Commercial & Real Estate Development
  • Project Management

Real Estate Consulting & Management

Compact City

GDC’s Extensive Experiences in China

GDC has been providing the services to the Project in China, through the development of new regional territory and the redevelopment of existing areas in major cities/regional cities in China so far, with rendering our services to the local government and developers.

GDC's view from Economical, environmental and social

GDC has been proposing the development plan/business plan from the economic, social and environmental friendly point of view, as well as proposing the idea of town management concept. GDC will provide the property management services from the IOT point of view.

Analysis from various fields

In the planning of the compact city, GDC has been proposing the vision of the environmental friendly, through obtaining experts in each field to analyze the master, plan from various technical aspects such as land use, energy, transportation, waste, water, and Green building.

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Commercial & Real Estate Development

Services at Planning stage

GDC has been rendering the services of Research, Assessment/Valuation and Analysis of property development project, such as Commercial, Office, Residential, Hotel & etc., In addition, GDC also provide planning and concept designing works for the project of newly-built, renovate and etc..

Commercial Facility Development

GDC, along with our partners, is offering the supporting services for the planning of the commercial facility in the development project. GDC is proposing the wide range of services from both view point of building & retails, by introducing Market research, establishing the MD concept, Setting MD plan, Feasibility study, Coordination of various commercial design and Supporting to inviting tenants.

Project Management

Affluence of experience

GDC is taking advantage of the affluence of experience of development projects and construction management business in Japan, China, Singapore, Vietnam and etc., as the agent of owner (Owner’s Representative), also, is offering the supporting services as a construction manager, for the various real estate development, project management (Large scale commercial complex, Data center, University campus and etc.).

Service contents

GDC is carrying out our tasks with the point of project Owner throughout study of development method, feasibility study, designing, construction and facility management. Alternatively, GDC is able to handle purely designing and engineering management or purely focusing on construction management services.

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Environment Consulting & Management

Eco City

GDC is rendering the supporting services to develop the environmental friendly city (Eco City) /town incorporating with three key words, namely, Social, Environmental & Economic, which will be the essential factors for the realization of the Compact City. In addition, GDC, together with the leading engineering firm, is providing the Program Management Services to execute producing the Green/Eco City.

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New Agriculture & Agri-Tourism

GDC is proposing the development plan of new agriculture by resolving the current issues in related with Agriculture, Farmers, Agricultural land in China. Basing on the idea of ‘6-order industrialization’ agriculture business, by introducing the idea of agriculture factory utilizing greenhouse, production factory and Services of agriculture sale. In addition, GDC, together with the Chinese/Japanese partner, is proposing the concept plan of Agri-Tourism, which has the idea of the fusion of tourism with farming.

Solar Plant

Mega solar development

Mega solar development project requires the wide range of correspondence and coordination at the each stage of development for the planning, constructing and operating & maintaining. GDC is rendering the supporting services for the matching/coordination between land owner and Power Producer, and, in addition, is providing the project management and O & M services.

Agriculture-solar development

GDC is proposing the Mega solar facility incorporated with agriculture facility, which will be future promising territory in this market, with tying up with the various Japanese consultants and manufacturers.

Environmental Technologies

GDC, together with the expert of engineering & construction for the building, is proposing the environmental friendly technology to suit with the particular, introducing Energy-saving technologies such as BEMS, HEMS, natural energy, renewable energy like solar power related technologies, and Recycle technologies such as waste disposal and CDM.

Waste & Sewage

GDC, together with the leading risk management consultant and the various manufacturer in environmental industry of Japan, is rendering the suitable technologies solution for the contaminated soil, sewage treatment, sludge, waste disposal, which have been the issues/challenges facing in Asia especially in China.